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Tummy Tuck Cost & Prices

  • Neodyne
  • September 5, 2021

Weight loss is difficult. You can exercise, eat healthy, drink tons of water, and get lots of sleep, and still struggle to get in shape. Weight loss is not something that happens overnight, and instead is a long journey of trial and error. So if you're unhappy with the way your body looks, and feel as if you've tried everything to no avail, you may have considered getting cosmetic surgery to get to where you want to be. And one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries is a tummy tuck.

There are various reasons why someone may consider getting a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck is typically done if you're unsatisfied with the appearance of your stomach due to excess fat or sagging skin. If you're unable to tighten your stomach through regular exercise and healthy eating, a tummy tuck might just be the right choice for you.

However, a tummy tuck is a rather intrusive surgery, so it's important that you're positive it's right for you. It can also be an expensive surgery, depending where you live and the extent you're getting done. In this article, we will be discussing what a tummy tuck exactly is, the average cost of a tummy tuck, the extent of the procedure, the recovery process, and more.

If you're unhappy with the way your stomach looks, there's nothing wrong with taking the proper steps to feel confident in your body, whether that be through exercise or a tummy tuck. Keep reading to find out if getting a tummy tuck is the right decision for you.

What is a Tummy Tuck?

First and foremost: What is a tummy tuck? A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure done to remove excess skin and fat from the midsection. It gives the appearance of a flat stomach and a more defined waistline. A tummy tuck is a common surgical procedure if you have excess skin on your stomach that even exercise and healthy eating can't seem to fix. A tummy tuck will give you the toned, flat stomach you've always dreamed of having.

There are 3 different types of tummy tucks: a mini tummy tuck, a standard tummy tuck, and an extended tummy tuck.

A mini tummy tuck is a good choice if you need a smaller amount of excess skin or fat removed below your belly button. A mini tummy tuck costs less, is less invasive, and requires less healing time. It's a good option for those who want to get back on their feet as quickly as possible following the procedure.

A standard tummy tuck is the most common type of tummy tuck. It's most common for women who've gone through childbirth and want to restore their pre-baby body. A standard tummy tuck focuses on restoring and reshaping the lower abdomen area from hip to hip. However, it's more expensive than a mini tummy tuck and requires more healing time.

Lastly, you can get an extended tummy tuck, which is ideal for patients with a significant amount of skin or fat that they want removed. An extended tummy tuck targets the lower abdomen area, as well as the lower back “love handles” area. It's definitely more invasive than the other two and typically requires patients to spend a night in the hospital for recovery.

What Qualifies You for a Tummy Tuck?

If you're considering getting a tummy tuck, it's important to make sure you actually qualify for it. This isn't the type of procedure you can just decide the day before you get it. It's an invasive surgery that you should be positive about before going in. There are various situations in which you would qualify for a tummy tuck, such as:

  • Your abdomen shape changed after pregnancy, weight gain, or weight loss and you want to restore how it looked before.
  • You have excess belly fat, skin, or stretch marks that won't go away with regular diet and exercise.
  • You're overall in good health and don't want to lose weight, but your stomach makes you feel self conscious of your body.

If you experience any of the above, it might be a good idea to consider getting a tummy tuck. Weight loss is frustrating, and sometimes it doesn't matter how much you exercise or how healthy you eat, you just can't achieve your dream body. If your stomach is something that makes you actively insecure on a regular basis, a tummy tuck might be your perfect solution.

Average Cost of a Tummy Tuck

If you're already convinced a tummy tuck is right for you, before you go ahead and book that consultation, you need to be aware of the tummy tuck cost. So, how much does a tummy tuck cost? Let's break down the various fees that are included in a tummy tuck procedure:

  • Anesthesia fees
  • Medical tests
  • Hospital facility costs
  • Prescriptions for medication after the surgery
  • Post-surgery garments
  • Surgeon's fee

Remember, you're not just paying for the procedure. All of these fees will be included in the total cost, too. And if you don't have someone at home to help you while you're healing, you will need to hire someone, which will add more costs. It's very important to be aware that these costs can add up.

Tummy tuck prices vary depending on several factors, but generally, this is how much you can expect to pay for each procedure:

  • Mommy makeover (which includes a tummy tuck as well as breast augmentation): $18,000 - $24,000
  • Mini tummy tuck: $8,250 - $8,750
  • Standard tummy tuck: $13,000 - $14,000
  • Extended tummy tuck: $15,000 - $16,000

Factors that Affect the Abdominoplasty Cost

How much is a tummy tuck, you ask? Before you can get a definitive answer, there are a few factors that affect the abdominoplasty cost. Some of these factors include:

Extent of procedure

The type of tummy tuck you choose will have a big impact on the cost. The various types are: a mommy makeover, a mini tummy tuck, a standard tummy tuck, or an extended tummy tuck. A mini tummy tuck is the cheapest and the price goes up from there. What type you choose will depend on your needs and what kind of results you're looking to get.

The volume of fat removed will also impact the tummy tuck cost. You can have various procedures done during a tummy tuck, including fat removal, excess skin removal, skin tightening, skin lifting, muscle tightening, and more. What and how much you decide to get done will affect the total cost.

The size of the area is another aspect to take into consideration. For example, a mini tummy tuck usually just involves tightening loose skin and removing fat from below your belly button. This will cost much less than a standard tummy tuck, which covers your entire lower abdomen. These are all important factors to think about when choosing what type of tummy tuck you should get.


The training, experience, and speciality of your surgeon will impact the tummy tuck cost. The more experienced a surgeon is, the more expensive they will be, so you have to decide if that is a cost you're willing to take on for the sake of a good procedure.

Regardless of how experienced your plastic surgeon is, it's imperative to ensure they're certified by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. You want to make sure they're actually qualified to perform plastic surgery.

Anesthesia Fees

The type of anesthesia used and how much is used will affect the overall cost. General anesthesia is more expensive than local anesthesia. The anesthesiologist may also include an additional fee that varies depending on their experience and training.


The average cost of a tummy tuck varies by state and by practice. Since the average cost of living varies by state, so will the cost of a tummy tuck. For example, in California, costs can range anywhere between $4,000 - $18,000, but in Florida, costs can range from $4,300 to $9,500. If you do decide to go to a different state to get your procedure done, just make sure you research the surgeon beforehand to ensure they're reputable and qualified.


The recovery period after a tummy tuck can also be quite expensive. This can include special garments and equipment, follow up appointments, and prescription medication. The recovery period differs for each type of tummy tuck. For instance, with an extended tummy tuck, you'll likely have to stay overnight in the hospital, which will add more costs.

It's also important to note that your movement will be restricted for a few weeks following the procedure in order to ensure optimal healing. You can't do any heavy lifting and will need assistance with most household tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, and even going to the bathroom. If you do not have someone at home to help you out, you may need to hire someone. This will add even more costs, so make sure you factor this in as well.

Considering a tummy tuck is a rather invasive surgery, you will likely have tummy tuck scars. While these scars may go away over time, you can also take certain measures to prevent scarring, like by using silicone scar sheets. Silicone scar sheets can help to prevent the formation of scars and reduce their appearance. This type of treatment does cost money, so you should also factor in these costs if this is something that interests you.

Final Notes

There's no reason why you should settle for feeling insecure about your stomach. If you've tried exercising and dieting, and nothing seems to help, a tummy tuck might just be the answer to all your problems. Getting a tummy tuck might be the push you need to feel more confident and secure about your appearance. If getting a tummy tuck is something that interests you, make sure you do thorough research beforehand. You should also check out before & after photos to ensure that the end result is what you're looking to get. We all deserve to feel confident in our bodies, and a tummy tuck can help you get there.