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Hear what patients have to say about embrace®

"Healing healthy was really important to me and embrace® was part of that critical journey."

- Lesley, Breast Reconstruction Patient


"I couldn’t believe my eyes that this giant scar was just vanishing. I personally saw results in the first ten days and it gave me hope."

- Rosanne, Tummy Tuck Patient

Katie McCormick, Mommy Makeover Patient

"My scar is literally a pencil line. And it’s not discolored, it’s not red, it’s basically the same color as my skin now…I’ve had girlfriends that have had it [tummy tucks] and theirs is bumpy, has a little discoloration to it, a little red…it doesn’t lay flat. It’s more like a marker line vs. a pencil line. And I’m so happy I used embrace because you don’t want that. I would have rather not done the tummy tuck than have a bumpy scar."

Hear from real patients who have successfully used embrace® to minimize their scars

embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy

Christina, C-Section & Scar Revision Patient

“I am ecstatic, my scar is amazing. My scar is a pencil thin line–it’s so light you can barely even see it. I am wearing a bikini again with confidence.”

Stephanie S., Tummy Tuck Patient

"My scars are looking better and better every day thanks to @embracescartherapy. This stuff is seriously a miracle worker! Application 4 of 6 is about to go down!!!"

Lindsay, @fitcurvygirl_linz

"Healing of their scar with first barrier to starting this work and embrace® has helped our players resume this activities sooner by enabling their wounds to heal quicker. This has improved the quality of life when injured, leaving them in better state of mind for rehabilitation and life when unable to physically play. We have used embrace® on knee, ankle, and even a chest wounds with significant decreases in scar size and thickness."

Ron Shinault, San Jose Earthquakes Head Trainer

“embrace® helped turn a bad situation (a mother’s nightmare) into something bearable. It helped cover my son’s very visible forehead laceration and KEPT THE TENSION OFF OF IT, actually improving the appearance while he wore it. Plus, it stayed on very well, with sweating and bathing. Having experience with different stages and healing of post‐surgical scars in my career, IT DEFINITELY IMPROVED THE RESULTING SCAR, making it thinner, softer, and lighter. I will be forever grateful for embrace®!”

Shannon, nurse and mother of embrace® patient

“After having reconstruction breast implant surgery, the least I could do was purchase embrace® Active Scar Defense and do my part to promote healing. I have found it easy to use, painless, and well worth the purchase price. Not only does embrace® diminish scarring but it also rebuilds positive self‐image, by helping me embrace® the best ‘new me’!”

Lori, Breast Reconstruction Patient

“I am enormously thankful to the owners of Neodyne for enabling me to finish the 2‐month protocol with embrace®. I have gone through a 17‐month physical ordeal beginning with my breast reduction surgery. Since then, I have had a second surgery to eliminate painful and unsightly scars. Your product has been a blessing, and I hope that in time, my scars will be completely eliminated and healed.”

Karyn, Breast Reduction & Scar Revision Patient

"I placed the embrace® strips right over the areas of incision and they were great because they relieved the tension from my everyday movements, which helped to prevent more scarring. They also had silicone in the tape to help soften the scars. I didn't have to worry about remembering to apply gel or damaging my clothes, and my biggest fear of not having the surgery done in the first place  was no longer a problem. Now, months after the procedure, my scars are all white and barely even noticeable."

Carolyn Hsu, Breast Augmentation Patient

"At just 7 months’ post‐op, my scar is flat, smooth, and not easily seen. What a great product to minimize scars! embrace® should be part of any and all post‐op care. Thank you for the opportunity to reap the excellent benefits of embrace®."

embrace® Patient