How to use

embrace MINIMIZE™

For step-by-step directions on how to apply the embrace Minimize® scar treatment, see the Instructions for Use or the videos below. 


How to Apply


How to Remove


Treatment Tips


  • Prep properly. Clean scar with soap and water, followed by wiping alcohol and allow to dry
  • Do not apply any lotions or ointments to the area. Incision area should be positioned flat during application. Do not twist, bend, or compress incision site
  • If treating a smaller scar, trim to size with rounded corners to avoid irritation.
  • It helps to remove embrace MINIMIZE® while showering or by using baby oil. Medical-grade adhesive is designed to last, so slow, gentle removal is important. We recommend removing embrace MINIMIZE® the evening prior to allow your skin to rest 12 to 24 hours between applications.
  • The suggested minimum use of embrace MINIMIZE® is 30 days (three 10-day applications) to see a visible result. For best results, recommended use is the full 60 days.