embrace MINIMIZE Silicone Scar-Aid


Only embrace MINIMIZE™ Silicone Scar Aid possesses patented Stress Shield™ Technology to protect and stabilize existing scars from natural stresses, helping to minimize size and improve scarring.

embrace MINIMIZE™ incorporates the restorative properties of silicone, which have been proven to soothe, soften, flatten, and fade existing scars, enhancing the healing effects of this one-of-a-kind Scar therapy. The result: a dramatic difference in the visual appearance of your scar in as little as 4 weeks.

And unlike other generic scar remedies, each single-use embrace MINIMIZE™ sheet is engineered to last for 10 days, making treatment virtually effortless.

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Through exclusive scar reduction technology, embrace MINIMIZE™ transcends the typical scar therapy experience to effectively shrink, soften, and smooth existing scars.

  • Stress-Shield™ Technology helps protect and stabilize existing scar sites, allowing scarring to heal and minimize
  • 100% medical-grade silicone fades and flattens scars while reducing itching, pain, and the discomfort associated with scarring
  • Developed by leading scar experts and renowned plastic surgeons with the common goal of restoring beauty


embrace MINIMIZE™ is a state-of-the-art silicone scar reduction system for use on closed hypertrophic or keloid scars resulting from cuts, injuries or surgeries. embrace MINIMIZE™ is designed to universally fit any smaller scars–simply trim to size and apply.
Refer to Instructions for Use inside the box before trimming

Old, existing scars less than 4.7 inches

embrace MINIMIZE™ placement
Apply 1 sheet over an old, existing scar, following the instructions inside the box

Wear time
Each sheet lasts approximately 10 days and is then discarded

Therapy duration
For best results, continue embrace MINIMIZE therapy for approximately 60 days.

embrace MINIMIZE™ Silicone Scar Aid
Each box of Minimize™ includes 3 self-adhesive, silicone sheets for 1 month of scar therapy. Each sheet measures 4.7in (12cm).

Duration may vary due to scar location and length.




embrace MINIMIZE™ placement examples

Stress-Shield™ Technology

protects and stabilizes the scar to minimize size and restore skin beauty

Pain Relief

reduces itching, pain, and discomfort associated with scars for a more comfortable healing process

100% Medical Grade Silicone

soothes scar sites for a smoother visual appearance of old scars in as little as 4 weeks*

Minimalistic Design

delivers a virtually effortless treatment experience, eliminating the demands and nuisances of daily maintenance

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