Simple Excisions & Moh's Surgery Kit

Prevent your simple excisions or Moh’s surgery scars from becoming thick, dark, and raised with embrace Active Scar Defense. embrace® is a patented, easy‐to‐apply dressing that actively prevents scar formation before it starts. Treating with embrace® will help ensure the best results possible after surgery. Unlike cheaper brands available at your corner drugstore, embrace® works differently. Using the science of Stress‐Shield Technology, embrace® is the only scar treatment clinically proven to prevent scarring. It’s a small price to pay for visibly better results!

  • Easy-to-use applicatorDelivers precise & tension off-load, ensuring consistenly great results
  • Medical Grade Adhesive Protects and secures lasting an average of 10 days
  • 100% SiliconeClear, ultra-thin and lightweight makes everyday wear easy, comfortable & discreet

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30-Day Treatment Kit

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embrace® Active Scar Defense is a patented medical device that actively stops scars from forming. Proper application is required in order for embrace® to provide maximum benefits.

Simple Excisions & Moh’s Surgery application
Treats: Scars formed from simple excisions and Moh’s surgery incisions within the past 6 months.

Apply: Recommended 1 to 4 weeks after suture removal on a closed, dry incision. The earlier you treat, the better your results.

Wear time: Each dressing lasts approximately 10 days and is then discarded.

Therapy duration: For best results, continue embrace® therapy for approximately 60 days.


Tension Relief

Actively holds incision together, preventing scar formation

Stress-Shield Technology

Protects and supports incision from stresses, resulting in a lighter, thinner scar

100% Silicone

Hydrates and softens skin to further protect from raised and pigmented scars


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92% of patients & doctors rated

embrace treated scar as better*

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“My clinical experience with embrace® has been a game changer in closure of abdominal wounds and breast surgery. We use embrace®, which is a novel device that offloads tension on wounds, to improve the appearance of scars. We’ve had a lot of success with embrace®… all our patients have done extremely well.”
-Dr. Edward Miranda, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

of embrace® patients stated that they were likely to


embrace® to family and friends*

Left: Silicone-sheet treated side

Right: embrace® treated side

““I am 150% satisfied with my results. Every week I could tell the difference.”

Jessica, Tummy Tuck + Breast Lift Patient

“The difference between embrace and other methods of scar improvement is simply that embrace really works!”

Camille Cash, MD, Houston Plastic Surgeon

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