Do mommy makeover scars go away? While most scarring after having any type of mommy makeover surgery heals in the first few months, it can take a year or longer for your pink scars to fade into thin white lines below your breasts or elsewhere. Scarring can be hidden behind a bra or bikini, but to achieve lasting results it helps to avoid the sun and use a quick-healing mommy makeover scar therapy early on.
How long does it take to heal from a mommy makeover? The recovery timeline for a mommy makeover surgery varies depending on the type of procedure or procedures being done, the person’s overall health as well as how well they take care of their skin post-operation. Most women take a couple of weeks away from work to heal and much of the scarring will heal in the first few months. Many women invest in a scar fading solutions before surgery so they can get the full benefits as early as possible and heal their scars fast.