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Introducing a patented scar prevention solution that's backed by the gold standard of clinical data. No matter the story behind your scar, embrace® has a solution that's right for you.



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The embrace® Difference

embrace® Active Scar Defense is the only FDA-Cleared scar therapy system designed to relieve tension around incisions, general cuts and lacerations to prevent the formation of new, visible, raised scars before they start.



Tension Relief

Only embrace® works by contracting and gently holding a closed incision together, actively relieving the skin’s natural tension to address the root cause of scarring. This stabilizes the skin, proactively preventing scars.



Stress-Shield™ Technology

This unique innovation protects your incision from added stresses caused by normal body movements, minimizing the widening and thickening of your scar.



Restorative Silicone

100% Medical-grade silicone therapy is proven to help flatten, soften, and fade scars by hydrating scar tissue for a beautiful finish.

Backed by Science

92% of doctors and patients prefer embrace® over leading competitors.*

Unlike many creams, gels, and static sheeting, embrace® treats above and below the surface of the skin to prevent scar tissue formation by relieving tension, the root cause of scarring. 

In multiple, peer-reviewed, randomized, controlled trials, embrace® Active Scar Defense was shown to dramatically and significantly reduce the appearance of scars when used for weeks after surgery.

How embrace® Works


Preferred by doctors & patients


"embrace® delivers professional results. It's the best new innovation in scar care."

- Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group

"I couldn’t believe my eyes that this giant scar was just vanishing. I personally saw results in the first ten days and it gave me hope."

- Rosanne, Tummy Tuck Patient


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