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Scars come in many different shapes and sizes. Luckily, the embrace scar treatment works to reduce the formation of a variety of scars so you can minimize the aftermath of surgical procedure scars, lacerations, and more. And if you want to improve an existing scar, embrace can help enhance the results of a scar revision.

Relieve skin tension to restore the true you

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Revolutionary embrace device combines a patented self-applicator + silicone dressing

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Stress-ShieldTM technology delivers active tension relief helping diminish scars

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Apply in 3 easy steps

embrace is the only preventative scar treatment of its kind.

It actively relieves the skin’s natural tension during healing, before a scar is fully formed. This is clinically shown to help prevent scar tissue formation and significantly improve scar appearance –
so you can keep on being you.

See how embrace works

Embracing real results

From cosmetic surgery to C-sections and everything in between, we’ve successfully embraced it all.

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Pictured: 6 months post surgerySame scar treated without embrace, and with embrace Slide to see how embrace was able to improve the look of this abdominoplasty scar.

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This is going to be the next step in the evolution of scar care.
Dr. John LakyePlastic Surgeon at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group

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