The Superior Science of

embrace® Active Scar Defense

Developed by world-renowned plastic surgeons at Stanford University.

The embrace® story actually started 20 years earlier. For years, the future inventors of embrace® had been discussing the flaws of existing scar treatments—steroid injections, laser therapy, even further surgery to remove raised scar tissue—which were generally expensive, painful, or simply not very effective.

They discovered the idea of reducing tension on the skin by applying an innovative dressing that mechanically relieves the skin’s natural tension, and shields the wound from body movement and stresses. During the healing process, it stabilizes the surrounding tissue, preventing gaps in which excess scar tissue could develop. This unique mechanism of action helps prevent the formation of scars before they even start.


After years of work and extensive clinical testing, the result was

embrace Active Scar Defense.


Take a look at these responses from the embrace® clinical trials:
The only clinically proven therapy shown in multiple clinical trials to prevent scar tissue formation by reducing the tension that causes scars. 




rated embrace® treated side of the scar as BETTER.*




felt embrace® was COMFORTABLE to wear.*




would RECOMMEND use of embrace® to a friend.*


Summary: In multiple, peer-reviewed, randomized, controlled trials, embrace®Active Scar Defense was shown to dramatically and significantly reduce the appearance of scars when used for weeks after surgery.
In addition, patients were evaluated for up to 12 months after active treatment, as the final healing phase can take up to 1 year or even longer to complete. 

A lasting difference: Positive effects of embrace® seen at 1 year

When test incisions were evaluated up to 1 year following active treatment, the 2 sides were not only consistent in their differences, the embrace side had actually improved to a greater degree than the other side


Give the healing process the time it needs

Timing of treatment is important to scar healing.

  • The full 60 days of embrace® treatment is recommended for best results
  • The length of treatment can decide the outcome of healing
  • Results were consistent at 1 year following the clinical trial, with the embrace® side showing even greater improvement



embrace® in action

No other scar treatment has these kinds of results





Product Comparison

embrace® offers a broader range of benefits than any other scar treatment on the market