Plastic Surgery can be quite an investment. To ensure you’re getting the best results possible, treat your incision with embrace® Active Scar Defense. Unlike cheaper brands available, embrace® works differently and is clinically proven to prevent scarring.


to prevent scar tissue formation


protects, stabilizes, and relieves pain*


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92% preferred vs. leading competitors*

Tension free is Key

As skin heals, tension is created around the incision or wound.
It is this tension that is the root cause of scarring.

embrace® is the world’s only scar treatment to deliver active tension relief, directly treating the primary cause of scarring. When tension is relieved, skin is stabilized and scar formation is proactively prevented.

Stress-ShieldTM Technology not only creates a low-tension environment, but protects and stabilizes the scar from added stress caused by every day movement. This effectively minimizes the widening and thickening of your scar throughout the healing process.

Scar‐less skin, happier you

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Enter to win a
free Embrace® Treatment

(that's up to a $250 value!)